Switch (value out) spreadsize

hi list
the value output switch on each outlet remembers the values but not the spreadsize . .should it be like this . . ?

grz nos

no, it shouldn’t be like this.
it sounds like a stupid little bug.

will be fixed in next version like this:

-only if the Switch pin is spreaded then it behaves like before. every Output pin gets the maximum slicecount of the Input and Switch spread. the Input slices are sorted into the different Outputs like stated in the Switch pin.

-if the Switch pin holds one slice only, then the whole Input is switched to the certain Output. spreadcount and values will only be copied into the affected Ouput. all other Outputs will stay unaffected in values and slicecounts.

-if Switch pin has no slices every Output will also hold no slices.

same with Switch (String Output)