Switch string output questions and maybe a bug

hi all,
i’m tring to do some operation about strings in a patch. i need to parse some xml at the beginning of a process, and then storing the values for using it later. so i tried to use Switch (String Output)
and, i found some strange things related to strings spreads. First of all, if i have a spread of strings incoming and i select what is the output, i route the strings there, with a correct number of slices but every slice is filled with the same slice (the first of the incoming strings spread).
so, after a little bit of tries, i discovered that if i pass a spread of numbers with the same slicecount of the strings spread i pass all the slices (so probably there’s a feature, not a bug, but i prefer the switch input approach, all the slices pass through the selected output).
but, found another problem. If i want to have spreads of different spreadsizes in the output the switch automatically take the last spreadcount and use that.

probably i explained not very well the problem in words, so i attached a patch with my approach. anyway what i need is to store the strings spreads for using it when they needs, if someone has another approach to do the same please help me ;))))

question about switch_string_output (5.7 kB)

ok, the count is not in the right place, but nothing changes, the problem is not there

switch_question (1).v4p (5.7 kB)

found another approach to the problem, see the attached patch if anyone will ahve the same problem

switch_another_approach.v4p (7.7 kB)