Switch(String Output) broken?


Seems like the Switch (String Output) is broken in vvvv 38.1

The output is the same on both pins, so basically it does nothing at all. Take a look:


Thanks for fixing.


Was just told this is the intended behaviour. Its like a Switch and S+H in one.


is someone actually using this node?


@velcrome haha, yeah, too used to that pattern from Grasshopper. Was only for a temporary workaround and noticed the unexpected behaviour.


sorry if this came off like a pun.

I am genuinely interested, if people are using this node. Because I feel like it is superfluous, and am curious if that is actually true.


Hi velcrome, this node would make sence if you could specify output behaviour instead of having it as S+H, for instance i would like to send nil to unselected pins…