Switch Renders by OSC route

For my OSC Route I use names like “starwars” and “three” and so on, for logical purposes. In the Master Patch I have one UDP in and each anim has its own decoder. All of the opend '“in patch” (master) and go into a node Switch for rendering. I have list of all anims (routes) and they should get activated by OSC - the switch sould be set right.
2. Questions:

  1. How to get an active value from a bunch of values? Last send one or something. Like S+H?
  2. How to map the routes to the switcher?



liquidceiling.zip (11.5 KB)

Ok guys, I feel stupid, is it so simple that nobody wants to anwser me?. Is it possible to get the index of the recived route in the decoder? That would help!



Ok, I did it with I Spread * onRecived spread and + and a FlipFlop frameDelayed reseted onReceive…

liquidceiling.zip (12.0 KB)

ok, flip flop :) S+H for more than 2… no framedelay

check also the helppatch of MultiFlipFlop (Animation). i think thats what you were asking for…

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