Switch patches with root window?

Just thought that it would be great if you could switch patches in the root window. If someone have an elegant way of switching patches you are most welcome to share it.

theres unfortunately no really elegant way to do this… one way is to use the “create node (vvvv)”-node to exchange a patch with others loaded from the disk…

the problems with this:
-a freeze of the whole renderer the bigger the patch to load is.
-you have to use standardized input and output names, so that conecctions dont break. typical example the layer output of each patch should have the same name, so that the connections to a global renderer stays.
-you have to check contstantly the id of “create node” each node and subpatch have it own id but this id is changing all the time when you in the process of patching. forgetting to set the id to the patch you want to exchange can cause that some other nodes are deleted and the patch messes up.
-sometimes patches with create node are empty after reloading but i think it was my fault / mess with the id

you see its a bit tricky… i post an example later. and i think there are allready some examples on the vvvviki but the search doesnt work at the moment

if somone has some good tipps how to manage these problems im interessted too.