Switch between vvvv and other fullscreen application

I’m trying to create a touchinterface that lets the user switch from a vvvv DX11 renderer to some application the client provided. Simple enough with the ShowWindow node, albeit somewhat hacky. But now I also need to put a back-button over that app that allows the user to return to vvvv. Is there any somewhat reliable way to do this? I guess I could add a small renderer window with the frame hidden, but I’d also have to make it permanently stay on top of the app…

You could have the second app on a secondary dummy display, perhaps just an hdmi dongle and then use screenshot to show the image in your vvvv interface and then “relay” the touches from vvvv to the secondary display.
Then you don’t have to switch apps

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So I implemented the fake screen solution mentioned above, but it has certain issues. I relay touch events captured by the Renderer to the second screen via the mouse control nodes, but this also causes the window focus to go to the other app. If the user continues to touch the screen, the focus will immediately go back to vvvv. The result is that the two screens keep rapidly switching focus between each other. This is kind of tolerable for a quick tap, but the client app also requires to keep certain buttons pressed for a while, which seems impossible like this. AFAIK you can’t relay touch/mouse events to a Window without also giving it focus. The only solution I can think of is to run the client app in a VM like Virtual Box and relay the input via its API. Seems like a lot of extra work to set all of this up, though. I’m welcoming other suggestions.

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