Switch between 2 Audio Outputs



is it possible to switch between 2 audio outputs?

So that I can put the audio signal (Audio VLC Filestream) once on the headphone output or on the normal loudspeaker output.



Hello Jens,

at first i would recommend downloading the vAudio Pack.
If you have done that, you can do it like this:

switch Audio Out.v4p (9.7 KB)

Hope this helps.




thanks for your help patch.

with your filestream (VAudio) it works.

unfortunately, I find no way to get to work witch filestream (EX.9 Texture VLC)
for an videostream with audio.



Mhh id dont know the solution to this either because it has no out pin for audio at all.
Maybe you could make it work if you seperate the audio from the video in a DAW so that you have a mp3 and a mp4. then play them back at the same time.

i dont know if there is a better solution for this.


Currently the only way to get audio from video into VAudio is to use @levs hap player