SWF as Texture on Mesh, text is not rendered?

Hi there,

I am performing my first steps in vvvv and I like it very much so far!

What I am trying to do is: using a swf file as texture on a direct3D mesh. The problem is, the text contained in the swf an correctly shown in the Flash-Renderer, but disappears after beeing projected on my xFile-Mesh…all shapes are rendered, just the textfields are missing.

What am I doing wrong? (See attached image File for my vvvv patch.)

Thanks in advance,


Bildschirmfoto 2009-11-17 um 10.50.41.png (7.3 kB)

not too sure about that , but i have sometimes similar problem with flash renderer that were solved just by having the flash renderer open in window mode ,

Hi colorsound,

how do I set “Window-Mode” for flash renderer? See attached screen for my render windows…

Bildschirmfoto 2009-11-17 um 12.25.28.png (49.3 kB)

hi i think you already have it , i mean when the renderer is not attached to the patch or close , you just select it in the patch and press alt+1 , for every vvvv window you can use alt + 1 or alt + 2 , alt + 3 , alt + enter to achive diferent modes .

it may not be this but just try in case , other posibility could be the resolution just try changing in the gditexture node , select and press control + i to see parameters and or in the flash renderer ,

but it may not be any of this things good luck ;D

if you dont get it you could upload the patch so other people may see the problem ,


check if your xfile has texturecoordinates.
use VertexDeclaration (EX9.Geometry Mesh) .

you could connect a Teapot (EX9.Geometry) instead of your xfile. the teapot has for sure UVdata.

flash in vvvv relies on the flash active-x plugin of the internet explorer. if you are a firefox user then the plugin is probably very old by now. make an update via internet explorer…might help.

and frederikl is right, leave flash renderer in windowmode if possible.

Ok, I checked flashplayer version in ie which is 10. I then swapped my directX mesh to the teapot and the text is displaying now on the teapot - very nice. But when I change back to my directx mesh, the flash texture is disappearing again. So i guess the problem is related to uvdata. how can i figure out correct uvdata for my directx mesh?

I attached the v4p, any help ise greatly appreciated!

Also: why is the teapot getting transparent in some areas when the flash is mapped as texture?

vvvv-flash-as-texture.zip (14.6 kB)

Your mesh is gigantic and don’t have any UV. Check manual UV’s for your soft.