Is it possible to use swapdim (spreads) choosing the axis slice (instead of the first slice)?

Here is my patch, I want the raised point to stay at the same place when I toggle and the grid to rotate around it.

Any idea? I’m sure it’s very simple but I can hardly figure out what node(s) to choose.

Thank u very much,

SwapDim.v4p (8.5 kB)

hi arsrobota,

what exactly do you want the grid to do? do you need to ‘lock’ the raised points xyz-coordinates and rotate (as in: transform) the surrounding points?
or do you want to use the column/row-swap as a way to choose a particular gridpoint - for example: first dial the x-position, then swap (position remains), then dial the y-position (with the same slider)?

Hi Diki,
I want to lock the raised point and the rotate the surrounding points around, but my raised point will move… maybe I don’t need SwapDim node…