Awesome work :) Lot to discover… so nice…

Perhaps we can start our little library with little patches we all can use/share… So we all have some basics we can put in there?

Wouldn’t mind setting one up. (would need some contributions though)

Yes a few bang/flash buttons would make your work just that more interactive during a live show.


Amazing work… we were wondering to dedicate the next two months in order to make a patch switcher for our performance. Kudos for that!

After spending the weekend testing the patch, we discover the following things:

  • With Korg Nano Control, we were able to use scenes in order to maker this tiny controller assigned to all the elements. But time to time, some of the knobs or sliders stop functioning and we have to reasignate it.

  • The cross-fader should be assignable to a midi input, but you will loose precision for the fade (again, 127 levels maybe not enough, but can be tricked trough quick animations).

  • Will be great to have support for multiple midi controllers.

And probably 16 parameters is more tha enough for each channel.

Hope to see the nex iteration soon.

ok, so what i will try to do is:


  • add buttons to patch controllers, so we have the ‘patch interface’ right and patch sharing makes sense


  • midi for preset page switch
  • midi for preset select and trigger
  • map the 48 presets of a page to midi notes of a keyboard with 49 keys, the remainding key will trigger the selected preset
  • midi for the blend functions
  • debug midi learn


  • separate gui and render parts for dual core cpu’s

something missing?

thats already a lot to do… give it some time…


i’ve been meaning to add rotary encoders to the mix (since i have some on my midi controller) - e.g. to choose a “number of elements” or a specific texture by encoder (which puts out +/-1 on turn)… patch sth. with S+H (is there an Add+Hold node?) or what not.

also, i don’t know how much “patch standardization” would work, since every one of us has a unique way to work, and therefore unique needs for the interface (button/fader config, etc)?

The list sounds great, if only support for multiple midi devices conected at the same time can make in to the list, should be great.

thats not possible with vvvv in general, but you can use midiox to merge all your devices and send it with midiyoke to vvvv.

Quick off topic about midi controllers:

Tonfilms: actually you can connect multiple midi controllers, at least USB ones.

Yesterday nigth I patched my 2 Korg Nano Kontrol and 1 Korg Nano Pad, each one with a different MidiController (Devices), and worked without problems.

I realized that is not posible with the standard windows driver, but upgrading to the Korg driver solves the issue.

yes, of course you can connect to multiple devices with vvvv. whats not possible, is to make an automatic programming like the midi learn function with multiple devices. but a plugin could do the job…

Oh, my mistake interpretating your answer…

Hi I’ve been really enjoying Svvvvitcher for a while now and have experienced a problem: When in fullscreen mode I cannot use the patch-switching keyboard controls, shift+1/2/3 work as expected but pressing 1+e for example doesn’t switch the patch at all.

Any help greatly appreciated.

hm… as far as i remember there was an issue with keyboard global and fullscreen, i’ll have a look at it.

Thanks, I figured out a temp. fix for it/why it’s happening:

When you Alt+Enter into fullscreen, vvvv continues to think that one of the keys is held (almost always Alt), just re-pressing Alt when in fullscreen will fix it.

I have discovered bitminsters observation too. Often I also need to repress enter to. When I go fullscreen I have made it a habit to first press alt and then enter.


Yep, other than that all is well. I have svvvvitcher running very nicely with my new vista laptop in fact! The audio analysis is running perfectly contrary to what I’ve read in the forums. Although the new Text plugin isn’t working which is causing some problems with the Svvvvitcher GUI, anyone know of a fix for this?


how does the text error look like? if there is no text at all, you probably have to install the SlimDX runtime…

Aaaah yes, sorry I half-knew this but thanks for the reminder. Installing now!

tonfilm: We used the Svvvvitcher last week for a live performance (5 hours) and worked really weel, thanks for sharing it!

We found some bugs during the performance, but almost all seems to be related to vvvv and not for the svvvvitcher . This are the issues that we discovered preparing/performing this show:

  • Patches with videos worked only the first one loaded in fullscreen, the rest never displayed, if the display screen is not the primary display (videos in AVI with MJPEG codec).
  • When running the main renderer in fullscreen, we were unable to modify the audio gain by typing a number, only allowed us to change it by sliding the value.
  • When we developed patchs for the effects area, some broke the renderer, and nothing else could be displayed after trying to use it (mainly with fx files).
  • If you delete all the presets (to start configuring the show), the svvvvitcher does not work at startup.

The setup was a vista 64 machine, with two nvidia 9500 GT (in SLI), 4 GB RAM. We will retest all the show and issues in an XP 64 machine when our license arrives.

And one simple feature that we missed when performing was the ability to set a label for the presets section (we used different sections for different songs).

Great work and thanks again for sharing it!!!

great report, thnx a lot! nice to hear that svvvvitcher was already on the road.

would be really interesting to see how the XP machine works.

i have to admit, that i never tested patches with videos, but this has something to do with the fact that videos can only be displayed on one graphics output. was there any other renderer open? or one that was in the patch and renders the video on the other output?

can you send me an effect patch which was not working? tebjan(at)

hope i can release an update soon, but then there are also little changes to the patch interface. but as there are only some additional buttons, the changes on the patches are really minor.

but it will take a week or two…

Hi there,

I’m a bit late on this…

Thanks Tonfilm for this smart patch > many usefull patching tricks in there. And using the GUI2d stuffs make things a lot more confortable… Fast and simple… I like it very much.

I understand (the videos issue)

The problem presented only with one renderer (the output renderer in the svvvitcher) in fullscreen (and of course the GUI renderer). Only happened in fullscreen, and only if the EX9 renderer was fullscreen in the secondary monitor. We have to set the proyector as primary display, but wasn’t that terrible ;)

When we displayerd the output renderer without fullscreen, we had no problem at all working in the secondary monitor.

I have to search in my svn the effects that pruduced the issue, I’ll send you a couple of examples tonigth when I arrive home.