Hello svvvvitchers,

post your bugs, comments or feature requests here.

download here: svvvvitcher


yuujuu Very nice you post it at last hehe ;D very cool ¡¡

yea, thx for your help, your blending is integrated.

what a great patch! i tried to understand it, but it’s just too complex :-P

suggestions after a short test run:

not all controls are faders, instead of 16 faders i’d think it better to have 8 faders, 8 bangs and 8 toggles (roughly same space requirement)

is midi-learn for all interface elements possible? i’m thinking about the blend modes, and also patch/fx enable, and maybe patch or preset selection…

Premo patch, makes my switcher seem a bit sad! Love it, will definitely be using this next time I play…


i will think about the buttons for patches, bilderbuchi. you think 8 faders are enough? and for what will you need the bangs? toggle buttons make sense anyways…

hm. i use bangs for all kinds of pulsing, flashing, etc signals…beat related, i get midiclock from outside.

8 faders: i think it depends on patching style, also i always try to accomodate my midicontroller’s layout (novation remote zero, 8 pots, 8 faders, 8 encoders, 32 buttons), so that’s more of a personal preference. still trying to find the perfect config… :-)

Doesn’t work for me. it seems the paths in the GUI files are your pc paths and so it appears broken in my pc…

I have to try and edit the patches to fix the broken paths.

thanks anyway :)

works great on mine! just placed the Gui2d files in vvvv’s plugin directory and it run well. love your patches and the gui rocks!
and wireboxes with seldisplacement looks damn good with sound!
thanks a lot for sharing that!

From my few days repatching and patching I definatley agree with bilderbuchi, I run with a uc33, which I am finding the controlling the patch great, but would definately like to be able to map the presets to keys on my midi keyboard so I can jam the settings. It’s really quick at switching if it’s just setting changes for the same two patches.

Also would like to be able to midi assign the cross faders… to be honest I think making every button and slider midi assignable would be great…

Again, great work on this…

nodename=":PLUGINS:\Gui2d.dll|VVVV.Nodes.RadioButtonNode" path="C:\vvvv\patches\VJ Patch Switcher\work\gui\

I have the GUi2d files in my vvvv flder. But just look at this path! It sure isnt mine. I dont get it how people can use SWITCHER out of the box, without editing these paths…

vvvv writes the original location into the patches, but since it starts with “:PLUGINS:…” it will load it out of vvvv’s plugin folder. so it should work if the files are there… are you using the latest vvvv version?

@bilderbuchi and SuperflysiNZ, assigning midi controllers to the other gui elements would cost some performance… but i will think about a way to patch that. i’m just wondering, how to map the 768 presets to midi buttons…

with 768 presets a dedicated knob or fader to select the preset number + a midi button to load it should be easier

the idea is good, but midi has only 127 steps… could be two controllers, one to switch pages and the other to select the preset…

or one rotary to change preset “page”, then you can map the presets on the current page (is that understandable?)

another idea…
edit buttons to show up the current loaded patch
but not sure it’s possible (GetPatch/Setpatch?)

It works amazing, tonfilm !!

I think if you add a preset switcher, you should also add a “launch” button instead of loading every preset you navigate.

What about adding an automation record for the faders ?

I’ve built two versions using electromeyer RecordRun for use with a midi controller.

The second version uses a modified RecordRun (RecordRunSwitch)


Rec automation.rar (7.3 kB)

that automation would be something that could be integrated in a patch. in the gui it would eat too much performance. the svvvvitcher is designed with the goal to leave all possible performance for the patchs.
but i will add button controller for the patches, to implement something like that in a patch.

wow! had a few attemps to something similar with versions