Svvvvitcher modifications

hi all ! kind of new here in VVVV, sorry for lame english too (:

i’m working in some modifications on svvvvitcher for best use in live visuals, but it will be more like a live-cinema-linear-timeline-thing, with a transition and a content patch for each part of the concert .

i’ve created all visual content that i need for all the concert, but i’m also a musician in stage, so i needed to add some features on svvvvitcher that allowed for me to control the visuals as a play the instruments .
i’m really stuck, can’t find the right place to do this modifications, could use some help !

the changes are:

  • i need a keymatch (spacebar) to change to the next preset . i’m using a counter and a switch for that, but can’t find where to conect it, it seems the presets are really depending on the radiobuttons on the GUI, and i’m afraid of breaking some important links with the GUI and the presets patch .

  • also, seems the midi learn can’t find the main cross fader (between the two channels) ? and it’s a really important fader to me, i use to do the transition between the transitions patchs (A channel) and the content patchs (B channels) .

any kind of help will save me, we are really close to the premiere concert !
tonfilm ?.. anybody ?..

cheers from brasil !

as a quick answer, all gui nodes have a Set Value and Value input. you can use them to do the same changes as you would do with the mouse. if something is connected to it, you can use a change/switch combination to feed in your own values. does this help you?

for the workflow, just make a backup copy or set up a version system for your stuff and hack around…

hi tonfilm !
yep, this is helpfull as a direction, i’ll try mess around here !

hopefully with this i can make what i need, thanks for the fast reply .
if i give up, i’ll come back here and cry some more (:

it worked !!.. for a while .
don’t know why, but it worked for some times, and now, keeps bugging really weird: when i do the modifications on the preset.v4p, and then reopen _root_Main, all the presets are the same, they’re duplicated … also, all the controllers for the patchs are gone or all mess up .

attached is a print of where i put the code, replacing the radiobutton outputs: value output (the 2 vector IO number/page of the preset) and the hit .

can’t figure it out why worked some times and now it doesn’t work anymore .

uploaded, but dun know where the screeshot went … heres a link to it .

i missed this thread somehow… sorry.
the patch shows, that you put in your values somewhere in the patch instead of setting the value at the input of the radiobutton node. that might be the problem.

hey tonfilm !
got it working now (: thank you for your reply .

i got only one more modification to set this thing running good, i could not found it if someone else worked on this, but i need to control the crossfader (blend values) with a midi controller !

i duplicated the working patch, and set it to be controled by the midi without learning it, directly on the patch, and the crossfader got controlled ok, but it seems the values of the fader doesnt complete all the way to the GUI blend values !

attached is the sliders.v4p, with the modifications for the crossfader midi controller .

sliders.v4p (70.4 kB)

if the value range does not fit, you could use a Map node to correct it…