Svvvvitcher asks for libfftw3-3.dll

hi there

i have a little problem:

svvvitcher (which is running superfine with beta24.1) asks for libfftw3-3.dll when launched with beta23 or beta25.1.

I have all the addon packs installed and net 2.0 for 64 bits so i don’t get what’s going wrong…

something stupid for sure…

thanks by advance

yes stupid me goes on. in the earlier versions i didn’t remove the BeatTracker plugin from the AudioAnalysis modules. you can copy the audio analysis modules from a newer version or delete the BeatTracker your self. it was a licensing issue from libfftw, we had to remove it from the download.

thanks for the answer! worse is i knew the BeatTracker issue but didn’t remember it was linked to libfftw-3-3 error message…
anyway it’s finally not linked to the problem i’m encountering:

-in beta23 the letters for patch selection are missing in the gui

i tried to overwrite Gui2d with the latest from your page but no change…
can’t remember the solution… was it related to text rendering in beta21 opening patch?

yes, i think it might be some SlimDX thing with the text plugin… not exactly sure which version it needs to work.

@aze: i had the same issue: try to launch vvvv as administrator (each time)

slimdx february 2010 seems to be the one :) thank you both