SVG Texture DX11: How to render an SVG with DX11?

Hello to everyone.
How can i render an SVG using DX11 workflow? Is there any node to render SVG with DX11?
I’ve also tried with DX9toDX11 converter patch, but with no results, it renders black.

Any suggestion?

Btw, SVG EX9 nodes are perfectly working. I just need a DX11 solution. Thanks again.


Between the svgTexture and dx9todx11, use a changeformat(dx.9) node and select format A8R8G8B8.

What’s happening is the format is the same, but dx9todx11 shares the texture across the frameworks, but svg texture doesn’t create a share handle.

Change format is just a cheap way to create one.

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Thanks a lot.
Is there a way to do that without DX9?

Thanks again

You could try this:

I’m not sure how many cycles you’ll save, but you’ll need to download the dx11 version of HTML texture.

Thank you! Great idea, great improvemets!
Quality and performace are a lot better! Thansk again.

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