SVG reader

Hello everyone!

I’m going crazy with SVGreader.

I have exported a group of SVG from illustrator (trying with different settings) but vvvv gamma has problem of visualization (just in some files).
The exportation setting that gives me less problem is that one:

But even if this setting is less problematic, however some SVG files are still not correctly readable. You can see the right visualization opening them with other softwares or apps (like Illustrator, Figma, Chrome, InernetExplorer, …).
Broken (42.1 KB)
Working (32.0 KB)

I’ve tried in many ways, but nothing seems to work, and I don’t understand why. For example, I’ve tryed:

  • different exportation settings
  • I have deleted all layers in Illustrator
  • I have removed all grouping in Illustrator.

Someone can help me?

Thanks for the help

Just took a quick peek (using Affinity Designer) and it looks like all your working SVGs have a group containing all layers while the broken ones don’t.



When I select every layer and group them, the resulting SVG seems to work in vvvv. (39.0 KB)

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thank you very much!! :)

hi all,

I just ran into a similar problem: I tried saving the vvvv.svg that comes with the help patches.
When encoding “Unicode” it did not load, neither in the “How to sample the path of an SVG” nor the “How to do draw SVGs” help patch.

Turns out, it works after setting Encoding to “ISO 8859…”

when creating a new document, I had to rename the layer and remove all special characters.
seems the “<” “>” breaks it