Surfaces shader

Hi all, I have a trouble with Surfaces Phong Directionnal. I tried to use the help patch but nothing is displayed. Everything is well connected, my gfx card supports VS 1.1 & PS 2a… I played around with parameters but still nothing.

Any idea?


PS: and congrats to desaxismundi for his work on shaders!

I’ve seen that one too on some computers supposed to support PS2.a…but don’t know why? Anyone?


Does the shader compile and techniques valids (shader output pins) ?

The shader compils but not techniques valids…

Try this and if still doesn’t work, then try with only one technique or changing PS to 2.0 or 2.b…and let me know!! (3.6 kB)

Thanx Desax,

Now the grid appear, drawn in blue, but none of the parameters are efficient… I had a look to the shader but dunno how to change PS version and the techniques… so cannot do much about this. But if you accept to give me a few information about this I’d do that with pleasure!


That’s a progress…but what you see, i’m afraid, is the technique called “TFallbackGouraudDirectionalFF”(so no mathematic functions or parameters would works there,only gouraud lightening)…anyways, try with this one if it works…at the end of the code there is the Technique part when u can change “PixelShader = compile ps_2_a PS_Figure8Torus()” to “PixelShader = compile ps_2_b PS_Figure8Torus()”
and about parameters for this one only the param3 works… (4.7 kB)

Hi Desax,
Sorry but it still doesn’t work… have the same blue quad and nothing else.