SurfaceQueue Shader - Moving Texture

i’m messing with dottores particleGPU lib and especially the surfaceQueue behaviour.

my problemis, the texture “jumps” with every new step the patch is generating. this is not visible in the original example because of very close steps but i need it low res.

the goal is keeping the texture steady, let it move as smooth as the mesh.

its something for you shader gods out there. i tried using the (particledata.xz as texture coordinates - current position of the mesh starting point) which sort of started to look right but then the texture is completely ignoring the xz shape of the mesh.

so basically i’m stuck after trying several things.

good example of the problem is attached. (23.0 kB)

looks like once i cry for help some solution just pops up. simple texture transformation driven by the trigger LFO.

i don’t know why i bothered with the shader code so much. (24.8 kB)