Surface pro pressure and tilt informations

Hello, i would like to use my S pro as a drawing tool in a VVVV Renderer.

how can i get the pen informations ? pressure / titt / presence in range ?

cheers :)

i’m not aware of any plugin. i found this
but then this is UWP, not sure if it’s adaptable…

hello u7angel
what is uwp ?

universal windows platform. as far as i know the microsoft app store thing which only works as an uwp app.

but i guess you can access the pen without uwp, just didnt google any further.

Use the Tablet (Devices Wintab) Node from the addonpack and you can get pressure.

As far as I know no model of the Surface pro support tilt yet.

Edit: You also get proximity and some other info, works with surface pro pen (at least my surface pro 2) and wacom tablets. Not sure if it works with later surface pros as I think they’re not using Wacom technology any more so maybe you’d need a new plug-in for those.

for x64 you can use

hello third_paradise, what is exactly the right location to put your contribution in VVVV . I have DLLs not being able to be loaded by 4V

I did it like this and it works for me: contributions\plugins\Tablet.
Probably you’ll need wintab drivers.
Surface pro 4: or
Surface Pro 3 :

thanks third_ paradise, but i dont get at all the node being seen by VVVV
did i miss something ?

please read here: how to use contributions.

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