SuperPhysical Problems

Hello guys, I’m new to here, I got a issue relate to Superphysical (help) Patch. At beginning everything works fine and i can see the renderer showing those beautiful reflected geometries. Anyway after I used it for my demos’ reference and reopened it, The Planar Reflection node turned red and also the renderer doesn’t show anything. I tried some solutions like download the lastest version from github and replace the former one but seems doesn’t work. Here’s my snapshot with TTY renderer strings

Look forward to replying soon

I solved it, It’s missing a node in Planar Reflections subpatches, searched it in directory and dragdroped that tfx shows the renderer now. How stupid I am.

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My volumetrics is also red. How did you solve it? Thanks!

The author made comments on the Superphysical main page may solve your issue.

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