Superphysical planar reflections

hi all,

I found this thread and some others showing planar reflections in superphysical. Unfortunately, I could not find a helppatch demonstrating how to apply them to an object. I also checked some branches on mburks github without success.

a quick pointer would be nice


You’ll find it under: SuperPhysical\nodes\modules\SuperPhysical (SuperPhysical) help.v4p

Which is the standard help patch…

oh man, I searched all the girlpower folders but not the helppatches.
thx michael!

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can just the basic superphysical have planar reflections? I am unable to make it work with the instanced version. Did not try with instanced IID, it seems to render textures just in very close proximity to the camera. tiny meshes seem to get lit at larger discance… something uv maybe? pics show the helppatch of the latest release in your github.

I would like to have instances and a reflecting plane… do I have to use two superphysical renderers for that? as I understand deferred can’t use the planar reflections.

Is there maybe some documentation that lists what your different renderer types are best for?
I am also wondering what SuperForward and SuperForward Plus do exactly.

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