Super8 film fx


Did anybody build a shader to give a texture a typical 8mm super8 look yet?
I’d like to give my output the look of an old projector in stead of a highend beamer.
A projector with the soft edges, the dust on the film and the flickering of the shutter…

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the Technicolor.fx on (User Shaders) would be a nice start.

flickering and masking should be easy to do with quads and textures, but i doubt you would get authentic 16fps film flickering from a 60 fps projector.
it could be interesting to work with mechanical shutters.

i was always thinking about mounting a cheap usb-webcam into an old super8 camera. i feel the sensor dimensions matching very well the frame size of the 8mm film - you will get all kind of authentic lens flares and automatic iris control artifacts, also the typical high quality optics should improve the webcam image very much.