Super Physical is not working

Hello to yall. I’m relatevely new in vvvv. I have played with it a little bit while back in 2017 and I started recently to get really onboard with it again.
Well, I’ve been testing packs froms here and there. Some of there were super intrincated to install, have some problems with them, but could work with them after all. Idk much about programming, so I’m doing my best here. I can’t find to make Super Physical work. I have installed the latest dx11 pack, checked cpu drivers, everything is fine (btw i have an nvidia 1050ti), but it still doesn’t work. I’ve checked the forums and some people had the same problem, but I can’t find the solution to it. Thanks in advance.

Love yall.

I forgot to add the link to the other forum entry: Superphysical in 38.1

You can get the latest (working) version from github:

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Thank you very much. Idk why the lastest version I found on github isn’t the one you linked me to. I may be using github wrong. The examples crashes when I try to open them, but the nodes seem to work fine.

Hi Salvia,
are you using latest beta version and am I understanding correctly that the VL patches are working fine now, but it still crashes? Beta 39 is tested and should be working. Does every example crash and also when you create a Superphysical related node ?

hi! I forgot to update, but the exampled started working well when I restarted the PC. The plugin is working perfect, thanks for all the help and for making this amazing pack <3

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