Super boring: Escape the backticks

Hi folks. I’m logging debugging files and errors and we have a parser that uploads the new logs to a Grafana server.
I think underneath the system is javascript and so putting in a message like VL.AppServices.CompilerServices.CustomRegion.CustomRegionPatch.Update(IReadOnlyList1 inputs, Spread1& outputs, IReadOnlyList1 incomingLinks)\r\n`

could break stuff (in fact its already happening with that copy paste)

`VL.AppServices.CompilerServices.CustomRegion.CustomRegionPatch.Update(IReadOnlyList`inputs, Spread`1& outputs, IReadOnlyList`1 incomingLinks)\r\n`

When I use escape characters for the backticks things get better again. What backticks were escaped by default? Its for logging so would there be any serious side effects?