Suggestion for faster math-patching

Hey devvvvs,

when patching, I sometimes tend to enter i.e. “+5” if I want to create a Add (Value) with a 5 assigned to its second input pin. This applies for division, multiplication and substraction as well. This might be useful in some cases, speeding things up a little.

This is no request, just wondering if I’m the only one feeling this way.
Any thoughts on this?


me too… no text …

nice idea

happens to me too all the time. would be a great feature.

+1!.. no text …

+1… no text …

+6… no text …

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i suggested about typing equations directly into the node browser to create new nodes
supposedly with the node factory this is now possible

then could type
and you’d get a node with input pin ‘x’, and you can probably guess what it does :)

Same here. I always thought it was only me. I’m used to this since this feature is available in maxmsp…

Jup…happens here too all the time

@ sugo

yes this would be great, directly typing the content for a expr node and it being auto created

I agree, for more complex equations this could be useful.
For something as simple as “+1” the creation of the mentioned Add-Node would be better to keep things simple and not use lots of unnecessary expr-nodes instead.

When creating a expr-node via the node browser, it would be nice if the resulting node would have its term as a descriptive name already.

i’m presuming this wouldn’t be an expr node, but in fact a sort of dynamic plugin with ‘one line of code’
then you could use full c# syntax

i feel like readme, i’d like to type +10 and get a + node with 10 in one inlet…to increase patching speed.