Success precast

hi all,

about 5 years ago i started to code visualJockey, one of the todays most loved, hated and cracked VJ softwares.

the concept of vvvv at first sight is very impressive, it goes even further than visualJockey. i precast great success for vvvv and wish the makers all the best! this product deserves my full respect and sympathy!

good luck!


i am no meso member, but after reading your posting i feel more happy than before, so i think its a very good posting and i would like to thank you ! ;)

It is good to hear from josua, his work on visualJockey is awesome., it ihas become one of my most used compositing tools (mainly because it works so good live too). I see tools like vvvv as a way to fill in the gaps that vJo does not handle (OSC, DirectX, and many more)