Substract vs. subtract

I feel like an old grumpy man. Sorry for that in advance.

Native English speakers please join in and please correct me if I am wrong or if you have nuances to this subject.

For many years now, it has been common among users of vvvv to refer to substraction whenever the subject is subtraction. That is to my knowledge not correct.

Normally I wouldn’t nitpick so much over such an error, but it seems like it has been more or less the common phrase for subtraction here on the forum and it I hope it is ok to point this out.

So please begin calling subtraction subtraction.

Thank you

Old and grumpy

cheer up


Thanks… no text …

Just substract those negative thoughts

I feel you, sune.

I heard that extra s making it into “transistion” as well.
But can’t help but not letting those people know while they’re having a really hard time pronouncing it …

totally up for this kind of shit… got them cleaned from the wikipages…