Hi all !
made some light jigging yesterday with vvvv and schwz.
great great great … what a pleasure ;-) thxs devvvs, trautner ROCKS !

so today i said myself, ok, lets clean this uglly ( but working ) little patch and make a correct architecture with subpatches…
my idea was to structure everything inside a folder, where would be the main patch to be open, and with subdirectories with subpatches and dll like trautner and images…

mainpatch subpatches inside of it, using trautner trautner.dll

but, trautner dll is not taken in charge nor working if set in a subdirectory near the subpatch that is using it .
it seems it must be directly near the patch that is using the subpatch to work.


subpatches inside of it , using trautner

i have experimented same kind of troubles with pictures…
a subpatch cant have inside of its folder a subfolder that would contains everything that is specific to it
It must be relativ to main patch, but cant be relativ to subpatches

i don t know if i m clear, but i would like really to have your opinions on the best way not to be lost ( and every link disapear suddendly) with biggers projects. and how to use relative paths sutructure. My goal is to have working patches and subpatches not depending on vvvv location.

cheers ;-)

hi kristouf,

usual problem. when developing a project, you should place all files inside a folder and open it from there (drag’n’drop into your patch).

the patch stores the location of a node or file. a simple way to replace a reference in a patch is to copy the .dll (or supatch, shader, whatever…) beside the patch in which you want it to be relative. then open the patch, doubleclick the node you want to replace and press ‘.’ (dot). this should pop up a list with files beside the patch. select the trautner from there and it will be replaced. now save the patch and hover over trautner, you should see how its referenced.

and read this page: HowTo Make Patches Portable

many thanks tonfilm…
never have thinked about replacement manipulation, neither imagine that there would be special manipulations…

but your explanation is really clear, thanks a lot !

so coming back to first lines: vvvv ROCKS