Subpatches usage question (b26)

hi, i m experiencing certains strange things, in images loaded on the fly .

here is my main subpatch to load sequences of images. i m working with a classical animator, and we are loading dds files on quads.

on one sequence of our work, it receives and prints files that are loaded in other quads

so i was asking myself, is it because i m usin this subpatch a lot, and that folders dont have same number of files in it ?

if yes, what is the proper way to do it ?

read loop files ( texture).v4p (4.6 kB)

hard to guess without seeing a demo of the problem. have you tried PictureStack (EX9.Texture Position)?

hi joreg.
thanks for your reply. i understand.

no im not using picture stack.
I have too much different files and folder to try to preload or picturestack.

I m using the old good manner GetSlice(node) and conditions ( == and > ).

For the moment, a very small part of files are in png, and most of all files are in DDS. I presume this may be the cause of troubles somehow, if i remember some problems i had with iceberg patch and ouragane, previously.

i keep you inform. busy in rehearsals but very happy of 26. There is still one BIG TO DO THING for you in 26:
right click ( node creation or editing) is flashing grey the renderer. This is really hard especially when stage is low light and all the video projection is based on low lighting. don t know if you could do a thing, but it would be a must.

hi karistouf ,
without knowing too much of your problem , i have experience sometimes odd behaviours with Dir and loading pictures , but the reason for it was that the dir was simply getting some thumbmail files etc from the same folder so i recommend you mask the dir node with png and dds and have a test , who knows it could be this simple thing . ;D


thanks colorsound, no my folders are clean: only images to be loaded , nothing else. i have strange things because i produce a lot in life patching, which is another approach than a really clear defined project ( cutting , adding etc)

anyway thanks for your advice ;-)