Subpatch recognize instance index

lets try,

i have 3 instances of one subpatch wich consists of several subpatches.
I somehow need to control things by the fact in wich instance of the 3 they are

could be the node index, could be something else…


Expose the ID pin with herr Inspektor and return the value back to the module via framedelay. Needless to say, this solution seems to me dodgy. In almost a decade I haven’t seen a patch that would use technique like this.

Check this great talk on Software Engineering Patterns with vvvv

you have to maintain logic from input pins, and use input pins to control parameters inside, then add switches or whatever you logic is changing inside

Have a look at the Self (VVVV) node which has 3 outputs that should be useful:

  • Instance Count
    -.Instance Index
  • ID in ParentPatch
    See its helppatch for some info on those.

thx my mates,

some interesting things to discover!


i could now connect the id to subpatches,
to in my case, to drive a switch.

but lets say i dont want to connect them all the time, not because i am lazy, just for a more dynamic apraoch.
So a two level self node or node path i would imagine.

I am having a tilt brain when thinking about this with my actual knowledge.

here a grafic to display:

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