Subpatch questions, outlet nodes type

Actually the four parts’ function and the corresponding nodes were the same.
So I wanna combine the xFIle Control Group(the purple line box) together, to be a subpatch.
I know the inlet node’s property or type , but i don’t know how to make the subpatch’s outlet node, because of the type of the phongPoint outlet nodes .

Or there is any other ways to split this purple part to make a new one(subpatch).

outlets and inlets in a sub-patch work pretty much the same, for a layer just use a node IObox.

all effects, like the Phong… have a Pin:Layer output, which is of type “Node” (which is not a very good name, we chose). you need an IOBox (Node) to make in/outlets for those types.

also remember that you can always easily create the appropriate iobox by starting a link and then pressing the middle mousebutton to end it with an already connected iobox. then middleclick that iobox to name it. voila.

thanx you all very much,
i’ll try different iobox data type,

like @Joreg)) said , my questions is about ((node:Phongpoint’s different outlet nodes property.

and You taught me a good way!


the screenshot looks like it can be spreaded. so just one node combo in the pink area is needed.

you can spread the filename of xfile as well…