Subpatch = Process?

Reading [this]( Patches | vvvv gamma documentation) in the grey book, I kind of figured out that I can get the functionality of a subpatch with a process.

I am not really sure though. Perhaps adding that info to Patches | vvvv gamma documentation would be a good idea. alternatively a description of how you would go about the cases when you would use a subpatch in beta.


Here’s a quote from an earlier blogpost:

First here is a bit you may not have been aware of: When in vvvv beta you create subpatches this is actually only for your own sanity. vvvv beta itself does not see those but only deals with all your nodes as if they were in one big patch. So in vvvv beta every cascaded system of patches can actually be seen as only one very big patch. And even more so actually everything together can be seen as one big function/operation that is executed every frame. Quite shocking, innit? In VL this is very different in that the visual structure has actual meaning to it. Good news: You can keep your assumptions, only now they will really work out.

and absolutely, that page needs an update.

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