Subpatch not reseting in hidden mode


I had this a long time but now i can easily reproduce , not to sure what it is.
Basicly in the example same subpatch have diferent behaviour depending if it is window mode or hidden mode.

cheers (12.8 kB)

Hello Guys , I,m still getting this behavior anyone got a solution ?

Is it only with plugin? maybe something to do with AutoEvaluate and the way plugin is written?

Hi ethermammoth thanks for your reply, to be honest i do not know if it is the plugin or not i attached drag dynamic plug of it in case you find something in it.

I,m using this same module in a big patch in a short deadline setup so quite a few of those around ,that,s mean i have to keep all this modules in window mode to work all the time which is a bit annoying ;D.


Drag (Value).rar (5.1 kB)

ouright. sory for the delay here.
this is not a vvvv problem and your plugin can easily be corrected by just adding “AutoEvaluate = true” to its PluginInfo.

why you get different behaviour as you described:
in your Integrate (Boygroup) module the topleft Drag node has an iobox attached below (after the Mod). an iobox when visible sucks values from its upstream connected pin. when the patch (and therefore the iobox) is not visible the Drag node is not evaluated the moment you press ‘Reset’ as in that moment you also Switch the graph to a non-evaluating branch (see you patch).

see? so the way you patched this you just tell your plugin not to evaluate the moment you press ‘Reset’ but in case your subpatch is open the iobox forces an evaluation. what you clearly want is that the plugin is evaluated every frame not only when someone downstream is interested. therefore: AutoEvalute = true.

hi joreg thank you for clarifying.