Subpatch keyboard shortcut in main help patch

Currently working on a video tutorial about subpatching, and I notice it is freaking hard to even find the magic “CTRL + G” keyboard shortcut. (I think I only read about it in the changelog when it was introduced?)

So I would really like CTRL+G to be noted in the “main helpfile” (the helpfile that opens when you hit F1 on a empty piece of the patch).

I don’t ask for a menu shortcut, just a mention of it in the main helpfile.

And speaking of subpatching, the documentation seems to be from before beta 12 ;)
look at the outdated screens: subpatches

Thnx already.

holy macaroni,
opening the middle-click-menu (which I basically never use) to check if it really isn’t there, I just discovered Alt+T for the ASCII Table.

Since when has this been around?

Thnx for the trust, you really think I didn’t check it 1000 times before posting this???

But yes, LOL, ALT+T is there… lol (found it in the change log for 33.7)

haha, wasn’t about not having trust in you, just out of curiosity … sorry ;)
but well, good point then, eh?

@westbam: thanks for pointing that out. added.
@readme: follow the blog maaaan! 1576

haha, I remember everything about this but the screenshot at the very top …

Thnx Joreg. So for my current tut I will just lie and say “press F1 to find the shortcut”. :)

I will Change the documentation page a bit. I can only record tutorials at night, because the noise in this “Dutch Cultural Capital”. :/

@Readme, I know, I was joking, still lurf ya!!