Subdivide faces

Hi, following to the message in the shoutbox…

I have a randomly deformed sphere mesh (with few faces) and I want to add more detailed distortion on each faces, keeping the overall deformation. So I need to subdivide each face, but dunno how to do that.

Here is my patch.

Take care,

2levels_distortion.v4p (21.3 kB)

a possible way would be to export your mesh via writer(EX9 geometry Xfile)…and then, in any 3D soft, ceate subsets for differents faces…

I guess I’ll do that. Muchas gracias compadre!


How… C4D can’t import my x file… nevermind, gonna do it in sole C4D.

argh! C4D doesnt render a sphere same way as vvvv, and it cannot import xfiles done with vvvv… seems to be impossible.

OK, C4D doesnt even seem to allow creating subsets (or the function is well hidden)… I have to find Maya and try with it…