Subdir not updating (unless observed)

I noticed that Subdir doesn’t update the list of subfolders if you delete one of the folders in Windows’ file explorer. It only updates the list when you connect an IOBox to it or watch the output in Inspektor. Otherwise the number of subfolders will stay the same even though it should go down by one after deleting and pressing update on Subdir. Is Subdir following quantum laws? :D If you hover over the Subdirectories pin you will notice the number doesn’t change after deleting a folder and pressing update.

Also another weird thing I noticed is, that Folders with Umlauts are pushed to the end of the list, while in Windows Explorer they are sorted next to their respective characters, so ä comes after a, ö comes after o and so on. That’s not such a big bug, but still would be nice to have them in the same order as in Windows.

This is in beta35.8 64bit on Windows 10.

fixed for upcoming

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