Stuttering video- have I tried everthing?


Hi there
I have a reasonably complex patch running two videostreams with vaious dx9 effects going on via several renderers feeding into the next one and so on (there are 5 renderers in there). I can’t get the video to play smoothly. It usually stutters. I have tried all combinations of the waitforframe pin, including multiples of the refresh rate, 999, times in ms, etc, and they don’t make much difference. The patch runs at well over 25 fps without any filestream nodes in there (between 45 and 50). The videos run in mplayer classic with no problems, at about 5% cpu each. I’ve also tried throttling different rates with the mainloop. The CPU is not close to the maximum (on the performance graphs it’s hovering around the 75% mark for the core that vvvv is running on, and about 10% on the other cores for the videos)

I did notice the video is smoother up the chain, so if I click on one of the earlier renderers it’s just about smooth enough, then lower down the chain it gets worse. Is it something to do with the presentation method in the renderers? I did try messing about with them but I’m not sure what I’m doing. Should all the renderers be set to the same thing? Or is it something else?

thanks in advance for any replies. This one’s driving me mad!