Stutterfree video playlist

Hey all,

I tried to create a video playlist the standard way using filestream(vlc), getslice, counter and framedelay.

This does everything it has to BUT there is a short stop between the videos even when using the nextfile node in vlc. I figured it is due to the framedelay and initiated the jump one frame before framecount == frame. It was still stuttering.
Out of curiosity I initiated it 2 Frames before the end, still stuttering.
When I intiated it 3 Frames before the end of the video, the jump started to early and created a jump in the output.

So: any ideas to get a smooth fileswitching playlist?

i am trying a two filestream approach now… but it seems like this wont work to.
Do the position and length pins of filestream work correctly? (filestream, filestream2 and vlc)

you can spread one actually
just feed it with two filenames
and i think on dx9 vlc is really buggy on positions, i think there is also something with loop and timing…

This is my new approach, rightclick on main renderer to reset, leftclick to play.
Sadly this solution crashes the computer when trying to use it in fullscreen which is VERY strange.
It still seems like it stutters on my machine. It would be awesome if you could try it on yours an tell me if it works for you.

Im still looking for new ideas…

playListNewTry.rar (11.5 MB)

It’s native file stream, it’s gonna sutter on this resolution.
Did small approach in way you should do this, but obviously it’s not working because of timing.
But as i see what you want to do you should really try with player node.

playList_newVlc.v4p (12.1 kB)

Maybe generate a avs file on the fly with the files you want to play, and open that with any available video-player node.