Stupid depthbuffer/texture coordinates question

helo guys,
I’m having a funny time with depthbuffer. I don’t really get it… I’m sure it’s a mickey mouse issue.
please view the attached demo patch to see what I’m talking about.
Its a simple scene with some spinning textures including transparency.
The left renderer has the depthbuffer enabled and looks kind of good but from the backsideview the transparent part of the texture is not displayed as I would expext - its not transparent, so to say.
In the right renderer this part is transparent from both sides, but the depth is not cool. I would like to have those textures transparent from the backside as well.

do I have to mess with texture coordinates here?


Depthbuffer (46.0 kB)

have you tried the AlphaTest (EX9.RenderState)?

wohoooo, thanks tebian, that works…
I wasn’t aware of this node

good, it solves most problems with transparency/depthbuffer. but if there are still problems it gets more complicated…