Stuck with a spreading problem



(Don’t worry fellows, I tried it in small with ‘Select’ and ‘Zip’, and turned out the output is not right for what I would use it for.)

Dear community,

my problem might be a simple one, yet I’m stuck on it for quite a while…

Lets say I have a spread of four 3d vectors,

A (X, Y, Z)
B (X, Y, Z)
C (X, Y, Z)
D (X, Y, Z)

and a spread, saying how many times I want each vector in a new spread

spread: 2,3,4,5

so this would be the result I need

A B C D A B C D B C D C D D (that is 2xA, 3xB, 4xC, 5xD). Order could be AABBBCCCCDDDDD as well, but would rather go with zipping.

Thank you my saviour in advance!


for reference:


select the vector as many times you want and cons it in the order you need :)