StringSpread to Enum?

maybe a newbie question but i´d like to build up cooler modules. I have some “selections”, these shall be discrete, although the values are string values. Now i always have to use integer values to GetSlice (String) that they´re discrete. Can i build Enumerations ? How?

i am happy someone finally wants this. this has been on wishlists since the earliest days - but with a steady low priority.
for now the enum types do not live up to their full potential.

i absolutely agree enums would help make modules and patching much clearer, but for now you are limited to values and strings for these purpose…

strings and the Sift node are what our pro´s here use instead.

yes i´ve had similar attempts here to cast possible inputs on a pseudo enum. The Switch comes in handy there too.

but okay, this isn´t possible by now. i´ll keep an eye on further releases (:

i thought it would be possible with a workaround with S and R node … see patch … put it doesn’t work one my machine. probably S and R are bugy.

Enumerations+Bug.v4p (3.2 kB)

in the next beta there is a possibility to create own enums.
check the changelog