String to value


I’m working in a patch and somehow I’ve forgot too much, I have a .csv file "Separate"d and using a Stallone(string) I can have several IOboxes(string), but I need them in IOboxes(ValueAdvanced). Stallone(Spread) doesn’t like it.

I need to use the values on the .csv to draw points. Any suggestion?

THANK you very MUCH

any chance to convert IObox(string) to IObox(Value) ??


AsValue (String)

Thank you so much!

it worked perfectly,

just a small question, our .csv file comes from a database stored in a server. There’s any way to have the values directly? or we have to convert them?

Thank you for your fast reply!


if it´s a MySQL-Database you can access it directly using Database (MySQL Network) and Select (MySQL)

Hey bjoern, thank you.

I’ll work on that… if I have any problem, I’ll post again!

VVVV makes made me a programmer without programming skills, love it!