Stride transparency: PBR plane vs quadrenderer

hi all,

I encountered some strange behaviour, would somebody care to explain? I got these three layers above each other: red plane pbr, then texture plane pbr, on top texture quad renderer. The latter use the same transparent texture. The quad renderer blends against the background - as expected, but the pbr plane blends to the object beneath and not to the background.

i guess this has something to do with the TextureMaterials propoerty of using Emission internally to achieve independence from light sources.

here’s a solution that potentially gives correct results by also manipulating the emissive intensity (did not do thorough tests though and am not 100% sure here).

Material_Texture_Transparency.vl (48.2 KB)

The original issue here is:
By using Materials you kind of give away lot of control over rendering to get all those nifty PBR/light/shadow/depthsorting/etc. features that the engine provides. It’s really hard to see through all these features and how they interact. One would wish for thorough documentation of the system and how VVVV is implementing it, however this is a pretty big topic. Stride docs can help but it’s far from easy to dig through all this…

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one more thing: the solution above only works, if you don’t add any lights to your scene…