Stride Subsurface Scattering Material

Hey there,

ive been trying to create default Subsurface Scattering Material using the Stride Material attributes.

its working more or less, there are some issues.

The Subsurface Scattering Post FX ( or whatever you would call it ) is not correctly aligned with the scene:

SSSMaterial.vl (114.1 KB)

Would be nice to have this as a default Material Type

Subsurface scattering | Stride here is the info from stride docs

Hey, this seems to be a Stride issue, independent from vvvv. Best to make an issue with the screenshots and the settings you used on their GitHub.

Ok thx, posted the issue here:

Ive tried recreating this Material in the Editor but the scene just glitches after adding the post process

There are some other issues with the patch, SceneWindow pin for the SSS Blursettings needs to be on create or it crashes, this could be changed i guess. And some settings are not available since the datatype Color3 does not exist:

This is an importing problem, the pin should be a normal color input and converted by the node. Seems to be an oversight.

Thanks, noted.

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