Stride renderer ALT+ENTER on 2nd screen crashes gamma

gamma 2021.3.1


this works fine here, please provide a bit more info, like screen setup, GPU, driver, etc. did you try with a very basic patch that just renders a sphere?


the problem occured when I used “get keyboard” within stride to toggle lights on and off.
Originally I wanted to upload this helppatch as an example, but then the problem persisted also when I did not use the keyboard to control entities.

HowTo Get Mouse Keyboard Touch of Window.vl (25.7 KB)

Quadro RTX 4000, Driver 442.50
ScreenA 3840x2160 @ 125%, ScreenB 1080x1920 @ 100%


I can confirm this. Gamma crashes when I just place an empty SceneWindow in a new patch and set it to fullscreen using ALT+Enter on a second screen. Does not happen on my main monitor.

Both screens set to Full HD
NVIDIA Quadro P3000, driver version 390.77

Maybe Quadro Driver related? Works here for an RTX card

Also crashing on Radeon Pro 560X…

please update drivers and try again. i think nvidia is currently on something like 460.x

Updated to 461.92, but still crashing…

If I use the SetFullscreen node while the SceneWindow is on the other monitor, nothing happens, no crash but also no fullscreen.

When I then drag the Renderer back to the main screen, SetFullscreen is not working either until I used one time ALT+Enter - then it works again on the main monitor as expected.

tried again with 2021.4 stable.
rtx 4000 @ studio drivers 472.47

it seems the problem is windows scaling factor of the main display. If I set all displays to 100% and start gamma, I can alt+enter the renderer on the second screen without problems. same if I set main to 100% and secondary to 125%.

but if I set main to 125 and secondary to 100 gamma crashes on scenewindow alt+enter

gamma must be closed and reopened after setting the scaling factors!

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