Stride primitives with more tesselation options and optional caps

hi all,

it would be nice if the build in primitives had tesselation options for both dimensions and the option to turn off caps. I often have to make the detour via 3d modeling if I need a tesselated circle or parts of a cylinder

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Unfortunately we don’t have much control over that, since we just use what Stride provides here:

So we would need to change that in the Stride source code.
Another way would be to finally publish a wrapper for this very nice looking meshing library:

It was used in the workshop “Turning a .NET library into a VL library”:

I had a look at geometry3Sharp. Cylinder Tesselation and Caps options are there, I can create multiple circular section to subdivide the hull on Y, but I find no way to tesselate the caps itself.

@tonfilm Any update on that on the Stride side or the Wrapper?

You can follow he progress on GitHub, it will be reviewed and merged soon-ish…

For those following, an updated detailed list of the upcoming features and changes is now available:


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