Stride - how to set dynamic texture transparency

hi all,

I have pngs on stride planes. shadow caster is deactivated, transparency works. I tried with the cutoff and blend transparency attribute. Now I want to fade the textures on my planes in and out. How do I do that?

There is the SetAlpha Texutil, but it just writes my input to the desired channel. I just want to multiply my existing alpha channel with an external value. Do I have to write my own shader for that or is there somewhere a stride node which can do this?

You can’t fade with CutOff as it uses a threshold to cut the alpha dependings on that value. It’s full or nothing.

Maybe like this :
Alpha.vl (17.2 KB)

If I use the mesh renderer I run into Alpha Z sorting problems, so I have to go with the stride pbr pipeline and planes. Is there really no integrated way to set the alpha of my texture with alpha?

This simple shader does the job while also taking care of pre multiplying the colors so that it works with stride correctly.

shader MyAlphaToTexture_TextureFX : FilterBase
    float alpha = 0;       

    float4 Filter(float4 tex0col)
        tex0col.a = tex0col.a * alpha;
        tex0col.rgb *= tex0col.a;
        return tex0col;

You can of course do everything with custom rendering as it was done in vvvv beta and dx11.

See: Transparency | vvvv gamma documentation

But then you have to do the z-sorting and everything pipeline related on your own.

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