Stride gpu utilization jumps inbetween 15 to 50%

hi all,

I have seen this in multiple patches. regardless if I instance cubes, or translate a few planes. GPU utilization jumps in between 10-50% and is not reprdoduzible. sometimes it changes in recurring intervals, sometimes it stays at 10 respectively 50%. Sometimes it gets lower when I disconnect something, sometimes it gets lower when I reconnect something…

gtx 1080ti, driver 460.89
ryzen 3700x

In one of your screenshots I see the help browser. Try closing it. The skia renderer interferes with stride.

yes, keep in mind that skia, patch editor and tooltips/IOBoxes also use the GPU. if you want to have a more accurate GPU profiling, export the app and then look into the task manager.

to check the GPU performance of stride only, you can use the profiler. see “Scene Graph Basics” help patch for the shortcuts (when the scene window is selected):


thx for clarifying this! yep, after building the speed is consistant.

But what’s the case when I am unable to export a program, and have to run the patch with a device license? Is there an option to start without UI like in beta?

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Yes! A ui-disable option as commandline parameter as well as a button in the ui would be very much welcomed!


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