Stride / "GetChlidren" reports only one child even if parent entity has several children

I try to get an entities child transformations (In global coordinates) to do a ray intersection check.

not sure if thats the right aproach at all but i tried to get a parents entity children with the “Get Children” node. for some reason i always only get a spreadcount of 1 out of it even if the parent has several children.

my questions:
-why do i only get 1 child?
-do i get global coordinates if i get the children this way?


  1. that’s really odd, I tried that in a simple patch and it seemed to work:

could it be that you set the children of the box entity somewhere else too?

  1. you can get the WorldMatrix of the transform of the entity, which is in world space:
    TransformComponent Class | Stride

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