STREAMOUT from GEOMFX and GRID...where are my verts?

Hey there,

i wrote a little testing patch demonstrating my problem.

i want to make the geometry shader “instanceGrid” emitt one triangle for each vertices of a grid.

So if i have a grid resolution of 4 * 4 - then i want to have 16 triangles after my geometry shader.

From my understanding i have to use pointlist in topology in order to make the input of the geometry shader a single element array. But then is see points instead of - triangles at each point— results just dont make sense to me…

Would be really cool if someone could jump in - look at the patch and give me a little push in the right direction

Thank you guys.


streaming out trianlges from a grid. (3.3 kB)

here is a better visual example with max elements added…

streaming out trianlges from a grid. (3.6 kB)