Streamline my patch


In my quest to make this split flap display I am having trouble with the amount subpatches I am opening. In the patch below I have 20 instances of a subpatch called split flap unit.

This isnt too bad but this patch is actually a subpatch itself meaning that at currently I am opening 400 instances of the split flap unit patch.

This patch essentially creates a line of boxes with the texture of each box being controllable. This works if I make 20 instances then group them together and send that to the renderer.

Off to the bottom left of the patch though is my trial to turn this into spreads and therefore only use one instance of the subpatch but I can get it to work. The output just displays the same image on all 20 boxes. I feel im close but going around in circles.

Split Flap Row.v4p (41.2 kB)

You’re on the right track looking to spread it. But I don’t think anybody will be able to help you without seeing the contents of your sub patch. You can stick all the patches in a zip and upload here if you want.

Sorry here you go. I have included the folders with the images but they are just standard windows 7 images at the moment. There is an iobox in the Split Flap Unit which has the folder name. Im guessing this will need changing for your location. (I tried to find a node for returning the patch path but couldnt).

I have then added a temporary dropdown in the subpatch so you can easily see the good state (which is too processor intensive) and the ideal state (which doesnt work!)


Split (17.0 MB)

well, as I saw the unzipping of 15000orwhat images and as I see vvvv crashing right now, I’ll give this piece of advice :)

don’t try to rebuild the actual workings of a real-world split flap display (or, unless you have some super! specific! reason to do so?)!. I don’t know what your result needs to be but if it’s anything like this (text only, can’t do images at this point, but the principle should very much be the same), you can handle all the flaps in one patch without any need to cut the imges into bazillion pieces.

edit: attachement

cutChangeImages.v4p (10.1 kB)

Sorry everyone maybe the previous was abit excessive. Ive made a 4 x 4 grid instead which at least people can open.

So as a background, this is simulating an actual display which unfortunately will have individual custom made images so I have to be able to take the original artwork and break it up not only for vvvv but also the physical flaps. Then with the aid of a DMX console various swipes and effects will be generated to get to the next image. Sort of similar to

purf, thanks for the advice. That link is really nice work! Also thanks for the v4p which again is very interesting.

Ultimately my biggest problem today is understanding anything thanks to the monstrous hangover a have…ahem…contracted. hopefully more succinct service will resume shortly.

Split Flap (4.9 MB)

again, VL kills it by behaving in an object oriented way as you thought the vvvv patches would:

Split Flap (8.5 MB)

Thats very impressive ton. The only thing is I think I broke it straight away. I tried adding a 9th image to the flaps and all of a sudden each unit seems to display random images. I think what I will do is create a zip with a few different numbers of images and play about. Once the zip is made I will upload it for you to see the issue too.

Thanks for everyones input so far.

it appears random because the DisplayFlapUnit.v4p finds the images by certain assumptions.

its important that the 9th image is in the CxxRxx folder and has an alphabetic order which is behind the previous 8. because the Dir node in the DisplayFlapUnit.v4p just scans the folder for all *.jpg in it. then you need to set the Number of Images to 9 in the patch…

Hi ton,

Yeah thats what I have done. Every folder has a segment of the image called 9 Flower. Incidentally does it then see 20 after 19 or after 2?

hm, then it might be the ordering yes… or another minor thing. if you find the time you can upload it, should be easy to fix. it could also be changed in the DisplayFlapUnit.v4p by removing the Dir node and entering the names of the images as a list of strings and concat them all together somehow…


So I have somehow not got the original issue with jumbled tiles. The trouble was that to create the tiles in the past I was using several programs but I have now written my own application to generate the tiles in one button press so Im not sure where the fix happened!

I have just found another issue but think I can resolve this myself but thought I would keep you up with where I am.

In fact I think this thread I will close and start something new if needed. Thanks Ton